Planning a new website is exciting! Our expert team of website design, development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists will create your modern, beautiful and mobile-friendly website that draws visitors in, keeps them there and compels them to take action, like filling out a form, signup sheet or making a purchase. Get started on your website now!

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Moore Creative started in 2009 as a graphic design studio. Great graphic design is at the core of all that we create. We want you to be captivated with the things we design. We want you to touch them, pick them up, read them, be inspired by them, click on the buttons and take action. Everything we do is created to entice you – the user – to do something.

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If you thought of your brand as a person, who would it be? Having a clearly defined brand image has become essential to long-term brand success. Moore Creative can work with you and your team to give your branding and marketing an identity people will want to connect with.

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Video allows you to communicate in a whole new way. 

Our professional video production team specializes in crafting beautiful, unique and compelling visual communications that set you apart.

Our high quality videos can include text, images and animation that engages viewers in an effective and entertaining way.

Since 2012, Moore Creative has provided quality printing services for our clients. We offer clients a dedicated print manager who can handle all aspects of your job from start to finish. Through close partnerships with print shops, both local and national, we are able to handle any type of print job that your project may require—no matter the size or complexity.

Moore Creative can work with you and your team to give your branding and marketing an identity people will want to connect with.

Become a rockstar on Google! Drive people to your website with Google Adwords and power-up your online marketing with insights from Google Analytics. Plus – we help nonprofits qualify for a whopping $10,000 a month in FREE Google marketing with Google Grants! We are Google certified partners with years of search marketing and SEO success. Turbocharge your online marketing now!


Moore Creative is a small business with a big heart. Their hardworking team leaves no detail left to the imagination. Whether you require a full production crew or basic editing, their creativity and professionalism will meet every demand. And they aren’t satisfied until you’re satisfied! They’re not just hired guns, they’re Vision partners!

Kevin Kitrell Ross, Author/Speaker/Life Coach

Once in a great while, people come into your life that fit perfectly. EJ Moore and Charles Blanks, of Moore Creative are two of those people. Our ideas, thoughts, and vision were not only understood but transformed into more than ever imagined. I have the utmost confidence that any and every project they touch will be noteworthy and golden. Thank you for your talents, commitment, and passion. I HIGHLY recommend you use Moore Creative for your next project.

Tracy J. Bell, Pastor

I’ve worked with Moore Creative since their inception. The quality and scope of their work is the highest quality available. EJ and Charles are professional, accessible, and make the entire experience worthwhile. They are the only company I trust with our on-line video marketing/product branding needs.

Dr. Terence Leathers, Counselor / Mentor / Pastor

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